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CORDURA® fabric

We use only CORDURA® fabrics in the production of our equipment.

Cordura fabric is a line of fabrics manufactured to be extremely durable and resistant to tearing, scuffing or abrading. Cordura is the trade name of a brand of fabrics that are made by INVISTA and it is used to describe several different types of fabric that are all produced by the same company.

The CORDURA® fabrics all have certain characteristics in common which are what define Cordura fabrics as a unique brand. The product line consists of many varieties (flat/textured, light weight/heavy weight, nylon/polyester based), but all resulting fabrics are CORDURA® brand certified and although they are different types of fabrics, all those that bear the Cordura trademark are similar in performance capabilities.

While the manufacturer doesn't specifically claim that their product is, most Cordura fabrics are either extremely water resistant or waterproof. This is due to the fact that Cordura fabrics are largely made up of Nylon66, an extremely durable and waterproof material, or of other types of Nylon that are water resistant.

The main benefit of Cordura brand fabrics is the fact that they are more durable than comparable unbranded fabrics. No matter the application, CORDURA® fabric offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it a first choice for durable fabrics. CORDURA® fabric offers best-in-class durability over comparable unbranded fabrics."

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