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Our NEW QTH Laser Cut Molle System is a lightweight and innovative platform that allows the user to customize and alter the configuration using the tried and tested MOLLE based pouch design. By taking any of the RAVENSYSTEM QTH Laser Cut MOLLE rigs, belt platforms or tactical backpacks, a totally unique operational tailored setup can easily be achieved by simply adding or reducing compatible pouches and equipment tailored specifically for operational needs. The RAVENSYSTEM QTH Laser Cut MOLLE System is compatible with all other MOLLE/PALS modular systems, accessories and pouches. The material is laser cut with a series of slots that create a matrix to which MOLLE compatible items can be attached. Eliminating the need for a sewn on grids of webbing also eliminates weight, complexity, and potential failure points and results in extremely lightweight and durable equipment that has a minimum of stitching.

The RAVENSYSTEM QTH Laser Cut MOLLE System range features everything you need with no frills. Our new technology reduces weight and the amount of material required for construction, without sacrificing strength or durability to give a new take on our proven design.

Having a minimum of excess material results in less wasted space, bulk, that ultimately reduces unnecessary weight, heat signature, and improves comfort. The new precision laser cut molle and new construction can reduce the overall weight by up to 134%!

Don’t be afraid of its durability, we tested it in every possible way, including using it in ways it shouldn’t be used!

Laser cut-outs are more and more popular, but still people question whether to accept it or not. Some manufacturers’ use a Cordura laminate to provide a light high durability material for laser-cutting. This Laminated Cordura is usually made from 500D Cordura stuck to a Hypalon like material and although it seems durable we think the laminated material still needs a lot of further testing to ensure the bond does not let go or the material stiffen and crack apart due to water seepage between the layers as it ages. So we decided to use a traditional 1000D Cordura in our construction because we know it is strong and trusted to perform in extreme conditions having been successfully used for years for military kit but we are not convinced about the long term durability of the laminated materials.

The RAVENSYSTEM QTH Laser Cut MOLLE System 1000D Cordura is laser cut out on our new flatbed laser. It is reinforced in high load areas with more 1000D Cordura sewn onto the reverse side, adding strength and durability, making for a compact, lightweight and hard-wearing platform to optimize mobility and reduce the overall load weight for the user.

We have used the Cordura 1000D for our equipment because it is far stronger than 500D when laser cut slots are introduced and the laser cutting ensures the quality is at the highest level – every neat MOLLE cell is identically cut and placed so there is no problem with crooked cells – which can quite often be a problem – especially with cheaper mass produced kit…

Of course we tested our laser cut material shapes even before we started the design process for the new equipment to make sure it was going to be suitable and meet the industry standard performance requirements.  We also decided to use laser cut holes instead of grommets on the pouches for drainage and we tested the durability of the laser cut holes using a steel wire brush for the abrasion testing – try giving your clothes or kit a hard wire brushing for ten minutes and see what they look like – the holes in our kit were a little fluffy but still completely serviceable after this treatment!

When the prototypes were made we took them to an independent company who test and certify lifting straps and safety harnesses to test the strength of the design with their specialist equipment. We videoed the tests and even we were amazed at the results of the load testing.

Our new molle design was tested to a breaking point of 225kg (that’s 496.04 lbs)… In fact it should be noted that the new molle design only failed at 225kg even though the press studs failed at 40kg and so the pouches were only attached by the straps using friction to stay fastened for most of the tests!! On examining the test fabric, it had stretched a little under the force, but the un-ripped material rebounded to its former shape after an hour or so.

One manufacturer has stated that the breaking strength for their normal nylon 500D MOLLE is about 60 lbs. (27.2155kg) and that their laminated laser-cut molle is three times as strong, having been tested to withstand 180 lbs. (81.6466kg), BUT, not all laser cut molle will take even this type of load - we have seen a common, cheaper, laser cut molle break by just pulling at the laser cut molle with two fingers!  Telling you which make of equipment it was wouldn’t be very professional of us - and some people might think us ‘snakes’ for even talking about the incident…

After getting the testing done we considered the problem of the press studs failure reducing the overall strength of the design. We thought back to a test of a belt we did over a year ago where the Velcro part of the design did better than the metal AustriAlpin COBRA buckle, holding well over 1815kg (4000lbs) and the Cobra buckle actually failed first…

So we decided to try a Velcro fastening in place of the press stud. The design we eventually came up with proved to be far stronger than the press stud version and mounting the pouches no worse a problem than with the standard MOLLE design – it is the same annoying task and takes the usual amount of time…

In addition to reduced bulkiness, our QTH LASER CUT MOLLE design provides a much greater strength than the laminated cloth designs, works and handles much the same as our conventional molle kit but is far lighter - and we can confidently say our kit will carry anything you want to squeeze into it… and to guarantee that fact we also tested the maximum weight of the largest amount of stuff that can actually be squeezed into a pouch by filling one of our laser cut water bottle/utility pouches with cast lead blocks – we managed to fit in 20kg of solid lead!

If you haven't tried laser-cut webbing you really should.  If you still have any concerns over the durability of our system it should be noted that we have seen the more traditional ‘standard’ Molle stripes torn out at the stitching by tearing the fabric underneath (which is usually the weak spot). Our QTH laser cut design distributes the stress over the underlying fabric better so you end up with less damage.

And Finally

It was suggested that a set of our new QTH Parawebbing would fit into a side pocket so that it could be carried when you are not wearing it, well we found that an ultralight padded five pouch QTH parawebbing set will fit into a standard water bottle pouch - that's padded molle belt, yoke and 5 pouches (two double ammo, and three water bottle pouches).
AND the weight was only 970grams including the standard molle water bottle pouch...
Ultra-Light Double Ammo Pouch
£ 39.99
Ultra-Light Entrenching Tool Cover
£ 23.99
Ultra-Light LOR None Handed Holster
£ 23.99
Ultralight Molle Belt
£ 54.99
Ultra-Light Molle Yoke
£ 39.99
Ultra-Light Padded Molle Belt
£ 64.99
Ultra-Light Single Ammo Pouch
£ 29.99
Ultra-Light Small Grenade Pouch
£ 18.99
Ultra-Light Water Bottle Pouch
£ 34.99
Ultra-Lite Pistol Ammo Pouch
£ 23.99
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