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Privacy Policy


We are concerned about your privacy. As with most sites, each visit to our website generates a log file entry that indicates time of visit, the domain name of your machine (e.g., “”) and the file(s) that your visit generated. We use information generated from each visitor to our website to determine the most often visited pages of our website. We do not collect personal information. We use industry standard web server log files to record baseline visitor information. We do not sell, trade, or rent any visitor information. The data we collect is for our use only and will be kept confidential.


Our site uses cookies (unless you have disabled them in your browser) to store your user information so you don't have to fill it in again for your next order. We never access them or disclose any cookies information.

Safety of Credit Card Details.

We rely on a third party payment systems to process credit cards.  We use PCI DSS compliant providers only so
we do not have to comply with PCI/PA DSS standards as these standards apply to systems that transmit, process or store credit card information.
We do not store or even have access to your credit card details - those transactions are carried out by the reputable and secure third party service.


Any and all information that we collect on visitors is securely stored in our finance system. We use additional security measures to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.


We have taken measures to secure our file servers from any constant attacks that try to use our precious resources to relay unsolicited e-mail messages. We do not sell mail services. We don’t sell Internet access. We do not “do” spam. In fact, we loathe spam and those who generate it. You have our word that you will never receive unsolicited e-mail from us after an order is complete.

We show this statement as an assurance to you. We want you to know that your privacy is respected and will not be abused or violated by visiting our site.

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