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General Kit

Our Document Carriers are maufactured to Military Specifications using Military Grade, NATO approved materials and fittings.
All materials are used are IRR
* (Infra-red Reflective) coated where ever possible.

*This coating has a specific reflective wavelength in order to blend in with natural colours in the infra-red light spectrum. This reduces the visibility of soldiers to night vision devices, which detect infra-red light, as trees and other green plants reflect deep red and infra-red light.

A4 Expandable Cover

W270mm L 340mm D 20mm

£ 17.99 Add

A4 Nyrex Cover

W 250mm L 335mm D 20mm

£ 20.99 Add

A5 Expandable Cover

W 210mm L 250mm D 20mm

£ 13.99 Add

A5 Leg Nyrex Cover

W 190mm L 260mm D 40mm

£ 22.99 Add

A5 Nyrex Cover

W 190mm L 250mm D 20mm

£ 16.99 Add

A6 Notebook Cover - Cordura

W 140mm, L 190mm, D 20mm.

£ 11.99 Add

A6 Notebook Cover - Nylon

W 140mm, L 190mm, D 20mm.

£ 9.98 Add
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